Saturday, June 3, 2017

Poor Loser Leonard Litkovitz Had an Abnormally Low Sperm Count

Welcome to the blog for my new novel Wee Wee's World.  I'm Greg Groovie, the book's author, and I'll be your host.

Loser Leonard Litkovitz couldn't have children of his own because of an abnormally low sperm count.

So what does God do?

He blesses Leonard with a killer ventriloquist dummy Son named Wee Wee.

I know what you're thinking.  This is just another stupid ass psycho ventriloquist story like the rest of them.

I can assure you it's anything but that, but of course you'll be the ultimate judge.

That is what us humans do best, isn't it? - judge everybody and everything.

I'm not saying that judging is wrong.

I am saying that Wee Wee's World takes a fresh approach to how judging is interpreted.

See what I mean in my next post.

Comments are most welcome.  You can be as vulgar as you want.  I can handle being judged.

Thanks for reading.


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