Friday, June 9, 2017

Hitler Exposed in Wee Wee's World

Wee Wee's World

In this scene, Leonard has a dream where he confronts Hitler.  

Here it is:

Then out of nowhere, I heard the faint sound of high heels from a distance.  Hitler even turned his head to see what it was.  As I'm looking in the direction of the sound, it's getting louder, and I can see three black ladies in elegant, glittery nightgowns walking towards me. 

The women stand next to Hitler.  The lady in the middle counted off “A one…a two…a one, two, three, four.”

The ladies started a dance routine and snapped their fingers like some backup singers.  

They started singing in a beautiful three-part harmony:
Hitler is a jerk,
Hitler is a jerk,
Mr. Tiny pulled his weenie
Now it doesn't work.

I laughed and applauded their singing. “Wow, that was groovy.” 

I got up and danced in front of Hitler with the nail gun in my hand while the ladies sang chorus after chorus of the same little tune.

While I danced around Hitler, I nonchalantly popped a nail or two in him.  The best part about the whole thing was hearing him scream every time a nail entered his body.  Sometimes I’d hit him with four or five nails at once just to hear him scream louder.

After the fiftieth chorus, I must have put two hundred nails in Hitler, mostly in his legs and his arms because I didn't want to puncture any vital organs that could’ve killed him instantly. 

The singers’ act was coming to a close.  They kept singing the tune while they walked backward away from me and Hitler.  Their voices got softer and softer the further away they walked.  Eventually, they were gone and it was just me and Hitler again.

Hitler struggled to stay conscious. 

I sat down on the chair and said to him, “Okay, jerk, this is your last chance to tell me why you killed millions of people.  I know Mr. Tiny pulled your weenie and now it doesn't work, but if you don't give me an honest answer in the next thirty seconds, your heart won't work either.” 

“You stupid fool,” he spat out. “You have no idea who your son is or what he is capable of.  Wee Wee made me do it.  He made me kill millions of people, you Jew cocksucker.  Go ahead and ask him.  And put me out of my fucking misery.”  I pulled off his gas mask and he keeled over.  He died from the Zyklon B in the air, the same Zyklon B that Hitler used in his concentration camps to asphyxiate Jews.

Greg Groovie 

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