Saturday, July 29, 2017

10 Reasons Why Leonard Litkovitz is the Biggest Loser Dad on The Planet

10 Reasons Why Wee Wee's Dad, Leonard Litkovitz, is The Biggest Loser Dad

1.  Leonard's sperm donor dad sold him for a penny to get out of paying child support.
2.  Leonard abuses his Ativan anxiety medication because he over thinks everything, OCD.  Loser.
3.  Leonard isn't really a killer.  Wee Wee just makes him think he is.  
4.  Leonard can't discipline his own son.  (This one's borderline too.  It's hard to discipline a killer 
     ventriloquist dummy).
5.  Wee Wee video tapes his sexual encounters, so Leonard can spank his monkey while watching them.
6.  Leonard rationalizes his wife getting fucked by Wee Wee as karma for masturbating to online porn and
     Wee Wee's sex videos.
7.  The kids at Leonard's junior high school throw there lunches at him, and an apple breaks his nose while
     giving his ventriloquist dummy act at the talent competition.  What a loser.
8.  Leonard can't hold a job.  (This one is borderline).
9.  Leonard doesn't know how to please his wife.  Maybe that's why Wee Wee boinks her.
10.  Leonard sucks Wee Wee's cock, and let's Wee Wee cum in his mouth.  It's not what you think?

And there you have it, folks.

Get your copy of Wee Wee's World now.  It'll make you shit.

- Greg Groovie

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