Saturday, July 22, 2017

ANNABELLE: CREATION: The Comments Posted are Way Better Than The Trailer

I Think The People Commenting on Annabelle:  Creation Should Make The Next Sequel.  It Would Probably Be A Kick Ass Movie

You've got to go to this you tube link to watch the trailer for Annabelle:  Creation.

The trailer is ok, but what really caught my interest are the comments about the trailer and the previous Annabelle movies.

Personally, I think the commentators should get together, and make the next Annabelle movie.

Many of these comments are humorous, and ironically, I think humor is the one main ingredient missing in this movie.  Imagine that.

I'm going to post some of the comments below, but I'd like to make one point very clear.  I could go to many, if not all, psychological horror trailers, and do the same thing I'm doing here.

The problem with "Hollywood' is that it thinks the only way to make money from a movie is to increase the special effects, and go over board with editing.  It's like the story is at the bottom of the list of importance, even in books.

And then I paid close attention to the comments under this trailer.  They're fucking funny and would most likely add a lot to the story line.

I have a good idea.  Why don't producers and studios put out a trailer before a movie is made.  That way, they can incorporate some of the brilliant commentary into the movie that's under the movie trailer.

Food for thought, isn't it?

"Can't fucking wait!! Always wanted to fuck annabelle wait wut?"

"Why it's R rated??? what's wrong with Hollywood"

"Annabelle vs Chucky: Civil War"

"Rated R for Retarded!"

"i hope Pinocchio will be in this movie"

Maybe Annabelle should've gotten fucked in this sequel.  Maybe the father had a hard on for demonic dolls and likes to fuck them doggystyle.

A cameo by Pinocchio would have been hilarious.  Maybe he could of fucked Annabelle.

Anyway, I'd be stupid if I didn't endorse my new psychological horror novel, Wee Wee's World.  It's loaded with spontaneous humor, and when it's time to make a movie, I'll be more than happy to put up a trailer for comments before the actual movie comes out.

- Greg Groovie

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