Friday, July 21, 2017

I Laugh at Stephen King Novels Because Wee Wee's World is The King of Psychological Horror!!!

Nothing Comes Remotely Close to The Psychological Horror Novel, Wee Wee's World

Have you ever noticed how movies based on Stephen King novels are always better than the novels he writes?  Well I have.

Listen, I'm not gonna bore you with a bunch of bullshit.

All I want to say is that Wee Wee's World is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of psychological horror novels.

I don't need to link up to it.  You'll find it.

You've never read a psychological horror novel until you've read Wee Wee's World.

Yeah, I know you think you're a book connoisseur.  Good for you.

I know you love lots of details, and read what everybody else is reading.  It's called the Herd Theory.

You're a cow going in the same direction all your buddies are going in.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with that.  Do yo thang.

But don't you ever tell me that Wee Wee's World isn't the greatest psychological horror novel of all time.

It's the Muhammad Ali of psychological horror novels.

Now fuck off, and enjoy your evening.

- Greg Groovie

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