Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Would've Never Killed My Dad in Real Life Although He Dies in The Novel

I'd Kill Myself Before Killing My Dad, Except in Wee Wee's World

In one of the chapters, Leonard kills his dad.  His dad adopted Leonard after the "Sperm Donor" sold Leonard and his siblings for a penny to his mom and Step Dad, who adopts Leonard and his siblings.

When you write a book like this, you let out all the stops.  It's almost like some force of nature is doing the writing, and that force is not the person I am.  Or is it?

My dad adopted me when I was young, and yes, my "Sperm Donor" dad sold me and my siblings for a penny to get the child support lien taken off his credit reports.  The lien was over $150,000 for four kids.

My dad who adopted me was the kindest, most loving human being I've ever known.  It's hard for me to imagine somebody like him existed on this fucking planet, but he did.

And Leonard, who's one of my alter ego's in Wee Wee's World, kills him.  

It's something a psychopath would do, but Leonard isn't a psychopath.  It's really Wee Wee who does the killing through Leonard in the earlier chapters.

By why did Leonard have to kill the one man who really took care of him while he grew up, his dad.  Fuck.

About Wee Wee's World

Wee Wee's World is a psychological horror novel about the relationship between Leonard Litkovitz and his ventriloquist dummy son, Wee Wee. When writing this story, I wanted to write something that stood out from all the other meaningless drivel that is out there. This story cuts right to the chase and doesn't hold anything back. It is irreverent, offensive, immoral, and downright filthy in some areas, but I make no apologies for it. If you don't like it, fuck off.  Otherwise, enjoy the ride.  - Greg Groovie

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