Saturday, July 29, 2017

10 Reasons Why Wee Wee is The Friendliest Killer Ventriloquist Dummy You'll Ever Meet

Why Wee Wee is the Friendliest Killer Ventriloquist Dummy You'll Ever Meet?

1.  He pleases convalescent men and women before euthanizing them.  What a dummy.
2.  He gives Leonard's wife a courtesy fuck in front of him.  What a dummy.
3.  He frees a spirit from Leonard's spirit portal painting.  What a dummy.
4.  He takes his sister to her prom.  What a dummy.
5.  He kills all the students at his sister's prom for embarrassing her.  What a dummy.
6.  He teaches Pierre, the spirit, how to do an awesome moon walk.  What a dummy.
7.  He cuts Leonard's hand off to teach him a valuable lesson not to over think.  What a dummy.
8.  He kills pigs.  What a dummy.
9.  You wouldn't know the difference between the friendliest killer dummy and the meanest killer dummy.
10. He never takes a shit, which frees up the bathroom and saves toilet paper.  What a dummy.

Leonard is Wee Wee's Dad, in case you didn't know.

Wee Wee's World, because life's too short to hate the friendliest killer ventriloquist dummy.

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