Sunday, August 13, 2017

David Bowie Exposes The High End Art Market Scam

Bowie Created a Fictitious Abstract Expressionist to Make A Point About The High End Art Market:  It's A Crock of Shit

I loved David Bowie.  He was a great singer, and a great art collector.  Not a great art collector because he collected great art (some great and some horrible), but a great art collector because he was able to mastermind a scheme to expose what a fraud the high end art market really is.  He loved art for his own reasons which I respect, but I think he loved exposing the truth even more.

Here's the article from The Independent .

What I love is that Bowie and his journalist buddy William Boyd exposed the scam at a reception party at Jeff Koon's studio for the launch of William's latest book about Nat Tate.  The launch party was hosted by Bowie.

The book is about Nat Tate, who suffered depression, and destroyed 99% of his work before committing suicide by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry.  Tate was a lover of Peggy Guggenheim, and a friend of Braque and Picasso.

It was a load of bullshit.

The book was a complete fraud, not one ounce of truth in it.

The guests at this party were welll known artists like Frank Stella, and Julian Schnabel, high end art dealers, the press and TV.

David Lister, the arts editor of the article, wrote this interesting take-a-way rationalization of Bowie's scam (By the way, John Richard, Picasso's biographer was aware of the scam as well as Gore Vidal):

So what did it all prove?  That the art world, perhaps the whole cultural world, is scared ever to admit to a lack of knowledge, scared ever to use the words: “I’ve never heard of him.” How quickly the great and the good of that world convinced themselves of Nat Tate’s existence.

I'm going to add to that in a straight forward, no-nonsense way.  David Bowie and his friends proved that the high end art market is nothing but a bunch of ego maniacs who want to keep their little club as secret as possible while the rest of us believe whatever they dictate is the truth.

Apparently, Nat is portrayed in the biography as an average artist who realizes he can't compete with the likes of Picasso.  As a result, he decides to burn his work and commit suicide.

Bravo, David Bowie, and bravo to your friends who were in on you scheme.  You exposed a lot more than a fictitious artist whose mediocre work landed him a place at the bottom of upper New York Bay.  You exposed the high end art market for what it really is.

A lot of my are is average, just like Nat Tate's.  But I did create the only spirit in a painting in the world. You can't make up a story like mine about Pierre.  Here's the press release, which also has contains information about the high end art market that is just as pertinent today as it was two years ago, even more so today, as exemplified by the article.

Press Release about Pierre, The Only Spirit in A Painting in The World

The painting is on the market for $54.4 million, and worth every penny.  Interestingly enough, a spirit discovered in a painting is more pertinent today than it was two years ago.

Stay tuned.  The proof is in the pudding.

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