Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Did "Pierre" Get Scott Indrisek Fired from Blouin?

You Should Have Been Nice to Me, Mr. Indrisek

I have my suspicions that Scott Indrisek got fired from Blouin Modern Painters because of the article he wrote about the "Pierre" spirit portal painting, the only documented spirit portal painting in the world.  In the article he wrote, Scott disrespectfully compared "Pierre" to some other pieces of art I did.  Any idiot could clearly see that a spirit portal in a painting is no where near the same thing as a painting entitled, "Pig Boy."

But Indrisek was too busy trying to make fun of me and my delusions of grandeur.  He shouldn't have taken "Pierre" so lightly.  Now "Pierre" is mad as hell, and want's revenge.  It seems like he's getting it.

Here's the article he wrote:  

I couldn't help but notice that Scott made Editor-in-Chief at Modern Painters, and then got "let go" soon thereafter. 


It seems like Louise Blouin is having problems of her own as well.  Could "Pierre" be responsible for that too?  Things on earth are pre-determined.  Whether we want to believe that or not is our problem.

What's the take away?

Don't fuck with the unknown unless you know what you're fucking with, like a pissed off spirit in a spirit portal painting.  Hah!

Here's a photo of "Pierre," and it's wicked as hell:


Greg Furie

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