Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jerry "Salty" Saltz...

Jerry, You Bumbling Idiot

I asked Saltz if he knew what a spirit portal was.  Also, I asked him not categorize my art as Zombie Formalism. He tweeted me back the following:

1. I won't categorize your art.
2. Do you know what a spirit portal is?
3. Cool
4. Will just say I don't like it.

Hmm... How should I react to that?  Jerry Saltz has an ego bigger than the truck he drove before he became an art critic.

Actually, Jerry has no idea what a spirit portal painting is, but he's so used to talking out his ass that he makes himself believe that whatever he thinks is the truth.

The bottom line is this:  Jerry "Salty" Saltz has disrespected me, himself, and the entire art world by making glib comments about "Pierre," the only documented Spirit Portal Painting in the world.

I sincerely believe Jerry is scared shitless of "Pierre."  And no, I don't think he knows what a spirit portal is, but if he knows how to use a dictionary he really should find out the definition before making a fool of himself.  Well, too late for.that.

But I do have one question for you, Jerry, based on a photo with a comment you made on your Facebook page: Do you spank your monkey thinking about Beyonce?

Maybe you and Scott Indrisek can form a new art critic partnership.  You can call it, "Jerry and Son."

Careful, Jerry... Pierre might be after you next.

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  1. How do you know you created a spirit in your painting?


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