Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pierre Conquered A Spiritual Truth...

"Pierre" Conquered An Unparalleled Spiritual Truth In The High End Art Market

Yeah, I wrote a phenomenal horror comedy novel, Wee Wee's World.  But I'd like to talk about the novel's guest star, Pierre, for a minute.

I was an artist before writing Wee Wee's World.  I never approached my artwork as a career. Art has always been a means to an end for me. I'm not interested in creating pretty pictures of landscapes for public consumption or utilizing my skill to fulfill or start a new movement like Cubism - not my style. Instead, I decided to travel the road much less traveled, and use my art as a spiritual journey to accomplish the ultimate spiritual goal - creating the only (documented by very gifted psychics) spirit portal in a painting that I named Pierre.  You can see him on this blog and by typing "only spirit portal in a painting" on Google.

With that accomplishment I've been freed to pursue other endeavors in my life.  Now, if Pierre sells I'm not saying I wouldn't get back into art in some capacity to rest on my laurels, but it's not likely.  I accomplished my goal, and it's time for me to move on.

Let me give you a powerful analogy of what I mean. Albert Einstein entered physics not to teach it to college students for 30 years but as a means to an end to invent his Theory of Relativity & E=MC Squared. After he accomplished his goal he could move on with his life, and pursue other endeavors.

The Proof is in The Pudding

When you look at a photograph of Pierre tell me if he doesn't resemble one of your relatives.  He could be a descendent of your family.  Who knows.  I have had a few psychics do readings on Pierre, and their comments range from he died in a tragic accident to he fought in the Civil War and died in a tragic fire.  

Here is the hauntingly real photo of a spirit capture in a painting:

The truly amazing fact about Pierre is that he was not drawn on the canvas.  His image formed by water I flicked at my canvas that mixed with watercolor paint. His image WAS NOT drawn on the canvas. When I first saw him I knew right away that he was a spirit.  I can't explain how I knew, but have you ever had a moment where you looked at someone and knew you had a deep connection with that person? Well that's how I felt.

$54.4 Million Gets You The Only Documented Spirit in A Painting in The World

Geez, I would call that the bargain of the century since no other artist has done what I've done, and when I say no other artist that includes:

Van Gogh

Contact me at to discuss purchasing this one of a kind painting that will never be replicated.

Greg Furie
The Only Artist to Have Created A Spirit Portal in A Painting

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