Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wee Wee's World Synopsis

Synopsis for Wee Wee's World

Wee Wee’s World

Leonard Kitkovitz was an ordinary kid with a loving mom and step-dad living in suburban America. Then on Leonard’s 12th birthday, his parents gave him a gift that would change his life forever. They gave him Wee Wee, a ventriloquist dummy. Leonard was ecstatic about the gift and immediately began to practice his ventriloquism skills. Things soon took a dark turn when Leonard realized that Wee Wee was able to talk to him and that he was guiding and instructing Leonard to do horrible things.

Fast forward several years and Leonard is married and living a somewhat happy life, free from any influence from Wee Wee. Due to a horrible mess at a junior high school talent show that separated the two, Wee Wee hasn’t been a part of his life for years, or so Leonard believes. Despite Wee Wee not telling him to do horrible things, Leonard finds that he can’t stop from committing severe atrocities. He feels like something is making him do it, but he doesn’t understand why.

When Leonard reached adulthood, he found out that he had an abnormally low sperm count. This caused strife for him and his wife, but when Leonard is reunited with Wee Wee, he realizes that Wee Wee is the only son he has ever had or needed.

Having been separated for so many years, Leonard and Wee Wee spend a lot of time together, making up for lost time. Leonard soon realizes that Wee Wee was behind all his horrible actions, despite being away from him the entire time. Now that they are reunited, Wee Wee’s influence is that much stronger.
Leonard and Wee Wee begin to get into all kinds of interesting and horrifying adventures, causing Leonard to question his relationship with Wee Wee. In an effort to understand and deal with his increasingly haunting life, he seeks therapy, takes medication, and even pays a voodoo priest to perform an exorcism on him. None of this works, naturally, and his life with Wee Wee continues down its dark path.

Since most of the atrocities that Leonard and Wee Wee commit only affect strangers or people that Leonard despises, he begins to get used to his new way of living. As things continue to spiral, he starts to enjoy it, even looking forward to their next adventure. They begin to use their talents to obtain massive amounts of wealth, allowing Leonard to pursue his own interests. Those interests become progressively more aligned with Wee Wee’s interests as they go, which doesn’t bother Leonard in the least. He loves his son Wee Wee, and he will never change his mind on that…or will he?

- Greg Groovie

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